Managing a large property after the pandemic

Hotel Garden Cesana

We are in the Susa Valley. A particularly challenging property, purchased in the midst of covid, which needed renovation and relaunch. The challenge was won thanks to the owners' confidence in the restart of the industry. And thanks to WuBook's all-in-one.

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The results

  • + 25% increase in restaurant revenue
  • + 80% customer response rate

The story

Cesana Torinese is a village more than 1,000 metres above sea level in the Susa Valley and a popular ski destination. The ownership of the current Hotel Garden - Cesana took over the property in 2020, thus right at the beginning of the pandemic period. The previous property consisted of a hotel, restaurant and bar, but lacked adaptations and modernization, making it uncompetitive in such a popular tourist area as Val di Susa. So Hotel Garden Cesana was, and in part still is, a big challenge. The hotel renovation was completed after one year, and that of the restaurant after six months. The passion and trust of the owners was crucial: if they had not believed in the post covid restart they would not have achieved the results they have today.
Hotel Garden Val Cesana

The challenge

InIn fact, the owners Roberto and Ausilia do not work at the company because they live far away and their presence, only on weekends, was not enough to oversee all the organizational and administrative aspects that arose every day when dealing with such a big restructuring. The managers were also struggling to cope with the volume of requests and administrative tasks due to their size. Staff were needed, and the pandemic made it difficult to find hotel staff. We know this if we belong to the hospitality industry. Staff were needed for reception, for managing structural optimizations, for the restaurant and for all the other tasks required to run such a large property. In fact, the main challenge was to find a way to manage the quotes requests from potential guests. Hotel Garden failed to answer all emails, which led to lost bookings.

"Given the size, it was not possible to dedicate one employee only to the administrative part. There was a risk that many quotes requests via email would be processed late resulting in lost reservations."

The hotel garden entrance

The solutions

They were able to overcome the difficulty because they came across WuBook. The owners could get rid of their old non-cloud-based software, since they had a completely cloud-based all-in-one software, a booking engine connected to the website and to the OTAs, the integrated restaurant management tool and the customer communication suite, which allows you to communicate both via email and Whatsapp. But above all, it satisfied Roberto's need to manage everything remotely. In fact, by connecting from a smartphone or computer, he can easily manage room occupancy and revenue trends wherever he is. Finally, the integration between the administrative part of the hotel and of the restaurant simplified a lot the work of the staff. With WuBook, Hotel Garden Cesana has gained total control of its whole business again!

"The easy charging of meals and food orders to rooms, has greatly simplified the work of the staff."

The hotel Garden restaurant

"Now, thanks to WuBook, Hotel Garden Cesana has a loyalty rate of more than 80 per cent from guests staying at the property."

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