WooDoo Booking Engine

A powerful system to receive direct booking from your website

The WooDoo Booking System is the Online Reception that will be reachable from your website and allows the customer visiting your site and entering a direct booking. A classic design, a user friendly interface and high performance are the winning features for a competitive and functional site. The Booking Engine can be sold individually, together with Wubook services or you can choose whether to integrate it with your services.

Manage your accomodations

Free to choose when, what and how to sell your offer. Manage your rates quickly and safely.

Create special offers for your clients

Give your prices some exclusivity and make your offer more attractive.

Show your rooms in detail

Enrich your site with photos, detailed descriptions and specify services for your rooms.

Integrable with your software

Possibility to integrate our Online Reception into your system thanks to API.

Create your prices

Manage prices, availability and restrictions of your products for your Online Reception and check day by day. Tabla is the daily data calendar, you can view and edit all data on a daily basis. Sytar allows you to change each daily data on a time frame with a single click. This means, a total control of your availability and the possibility to drive more booking as you could.

Special offers with indipendent cancellation policy

A good strategy is create Special Offers for your clients, offer them at a discounted price directly on your website. The WooDoo special offer is a discount offered under special requirements and under a special cancellation policy. When the user from the site requires a stay that meets the requirements assign to this offer, the online reception offers the discount automatically.

Boost your sales with Extras

In addition to the accommodation, you can offer Extra services or products and that can be purchased by the client when making a reservation directly on your booking engine. In order to create the Extra, you can specify everything you need as name of the supplement, the period of validity, the price, the rooms included and also the number of supplements that you make available.

Promote your property: Packages

A package is another way to offer more define stays which may include activities or extras at a special prize. The packages have the advantage of making the booking process with fewer steps and therefore easier to complete. You may indicate a period of stay and a room or set of rooms that apply in this package and offer a unique price.

City Tax and Mandatory Costs

Provide accurate information about City Tax to your direct customers in your Online Reception. Different calculation rules of City Tax are supported and automatically added to the amount of a reservation. In addition, Mandatory Costs are extra charges to be added on top of the total amount of the reservation and they can be configured per person, per room or per reservation.

Personalize your Widget

Who visits the website of your property can interact with widgets to open the online reception and book a stay. The widget can be completely customized to make it consistent with the style and colors of your website. You can export at your site a fully customizable multi-widget, a standard responsive widget and many other advanced customization.

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Reservation Model

How a customer who books with WooDoo can guarantee and confirm the reservation? You can choose from different models.

Link your site: Payment Gateway

You can request immediate payment of the full amount or a percentage as confirmation of the reservation, directly from the online reception.

Publish your feedback

Increase the success of your Booking Engine, allowing the customer visiting your site to read the reviews left by previous guests.

Voucher's messages

It is a good idea to inform guests of your property about reservation and accommodation conditions directly from the Voucher.

Your site mobile responsive

If you are browsing your site on a phone, a tablet or a PC, there is no difference. Images and texts are responsive.

Messaging plugins

Keep in touch with your potential customers or those who have already booked! SMS, Whatsapp, Facebook and many others.

Create Discount Code

A "discount code" is a numeric or alphanumeric code associated with a discount that you can reveal to your customers.

Bids System option

Visitors have the possibility to offer a custom amount for your rooms to improve direct relations and winning with your OTAs.

Statistics of your reservations

You can find our statistics and be able to test the efficacy of your internet reservations system and "trace" all access to your site.

Integrable with your Channel manager or PMS

Woodoo is an integrated solution for PMS and Channel Manager. Our integration is in XML through the linking of official APIs. Whenever possible we connect every single function that your systems allow us to connect. Our system accepts external updates made by specific partnership software that can optimize values of prices and restrictions to perform better in the market. 

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