WooDoo - Integrable with your Software

Integrate Channel Manager and Booking Engine with your software

WooDoo is a world of solutions that allows you to connect and integrate our Channel Manager or our Booking Engine with your software.

If you already have a PMS

Are you an hotelier and do you already have a PMS? Enrich it with WuBook components

For Third Party Software

Do you have a hotel automation program or system?

For RMS and Revenue Managers

Are you a Revenue Manager and your software needs a Channel Manager?

For PMS Developer

Are you developing a PMS and do you need the Channel Manager and Booking Engine components?

Make your system even more performing

Do you have a PMS or a Revenue software? With WooDoo you can easily integrate our services through our API.

After the development of the integration, you can choose which services to activate and manage them monthly, without any restrictions.

We already have many technological partners that are using our technologies in order to enrich their systems.


WooDoo Solutions

The WooDoo World consists of three main services, which can be purchased alone or in combination, obviously after having integrated them.

WooDoo Channel Manager

A reliable, fast Channel Manager and for this reason already chosen not only by countless properties, but also by various PMS or Revenue Managers.


WooDoo Booking Engine

WooDoo Booking Engine is a solid booking engine
and with lots of features to customize your
sale. It can be integrated with WooDoo Channel Manager and your software
and it works with any type of website.


WooDoo Metasearch

With WooDoo Metasearch you can also connect your Metasearch, that is the online rate comparators.


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Why Integrate WooDoo with Your Software?

Trust on a reliable, experienced partner who is always ready to help you

Frequently Asked Questions

If you are interested in learning more about us and you still have doubts, take a look at the F.A.Q. received fromo users who have shared them before you.

Thanks to our API Wired, every PMS can be integrated into the WooDoo world. Get in touch with us now to find the fastest solution to meet your needs.
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