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A jam of colours

 As most of the brilliant stories in Tech, WuBook was born in a garage, or better said, in a mansard of a countryhouse in Fano, a calm city along the adriatic coast.


The vision of our founder has driven the company to offer easy and affordable access to the best technologies in the market. Innovation and quality for everybody, disrupting the market that was made only to big players that time.


Since then, WuBook never stopped growing. We now are one of the leader in developing technology for the Hospitality industry and the team has grown as well up to almost 50 people. These results are the consequence of an extreme effort and human compromise.

Our Vision, Our Place in the Market

We strongly believe that doing an honest and transaprent work, with effert and commitment is key to success

We are a young team that started to create this software as naturally as a retired grand-mother makes cakes for her nephews.


And by doing it, we are happy! We work with passion cause we like our job, we like to be in this market, developing an Hospitality software ecosystem that helps the industry providers like hoteliers, to work better.


We are independent, investing on ourselves and only driven by the market rules and customer needs. Our partners are an effective engine of development here in WuBook.

Our Company

We are an group of independent professionals with the unique goal to succed

Who we are

A young, professional and entrepreneur group of people

What we value

Equality, ethical working, honesty and commitment

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Along the

2008: From a challenge to reality

WuBook was born in 2008, from the mind of our founder who was working as developer/system administrator in an Hospitality consulting company. Decided to manage his own destiny, he started this fantastic trip follow the dream to build a future-oriented tech company.

2008: first customers

Our first customers! WuBook was immediately recognized as an extremely tech-oriented company, offering bestclass tools to hospitality professionals at a very accessible and affordable pricing. Our first customers are still with us and we consider them as part of our team!

2010: Partnerships

We understood from the beginning that going alone is going faster, but going togheter means going far. That's why we started to develop very interesting and strategic partnerships with other companies. Building and reinforcing our API has been key on our growth.

2012: International Team

Going abroad and accepting the international challenges has become a consequence of our vision, from the beginning. WuBook has been created with a 360 view of the global market. The first office abroad has been opened in Barcelona, Spain.

2013: growing growing growing

Despite the fact we had no external investments growth is exponential and year after year the entire portfolio has been exceeding our expectations. Word-to-mouth brought us new customers everyday and we started new markets like France.

2016: Emerging markets

Getting global is a reality and we already serve properties in SouthAmerica, Russia, Northern Africa and Middle East. Our team speaks 6 languages and our software has been transalted into 9 different languages.

2017: Already 10k customers

The growth is fast and we already serve about 10k customers with our softwares worldwide. We are working in 96 countries and our team is composed by people from 10 different nations. Our net of partners is enriching our ecosystem and giving a more global reach to our products.

2020: what's next?

We have ambitious plans of growth establishing new offices and growing up our team even more. We are adapting to local needs day after day maintaining our "tailor-made" mood as a must! We love challenges and will work hard to hunt for our dreams

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