ZAK Booking Engine

ZAK Online Reception

An extraordinary booking system to increase the reservations on your website

Integrated in ZAK

Extremely effective, even more if connected to the Channel Manager. Manage all reservations both from your website and direct, on a single interface.


You will be able to adapt both the Widget and Booking Engine into a natural extension of your website. Visits will become reservations.

Safe and secure

Get a credit card or a payment as guarantee. We are certified and able to manage personal data to guarantee the maximum of safety (even after PSD2).

Booking a stay at your place will be so easy

Make it simple for your guests to prefer your direct offer to that of your resellers

Create your Special Offers

You can create special offers on your Booking Engine to launch your best online offer. You can set individual restrictions and conditions for a specific period. You can also set a specific availability for each offer in order to maximize your revenue.

  • Special offer for your potential guests
  • Targeted discounts for evey season
  • Availability management of the offer

Modern and Attractive Design

A clear and immediate design that helps your potential guests to book the best solution for them with just a few clicks. 100% mobile responsive, it allows your guests to make reservations easily from any Smartphone or Tablet.

  • User Friendly Design
  • Clear Interface
  • Mobile Responsive


Make your offer attractive by setting different rate plans for your rooms and associating them with the related cancellation policies. Your potential guest can compare your rates in real time and choose the best solution.

  • Comparable Rate Plans
  • Customizable Cancellation Policies
  • Multi-Rates management

Discount codes

Discount codes are a powerful tool for customer loyalty. You can create and distribute discount codes and dedicate a special rate or condition to any customer without affecting the global offer.

  • Generate VIP codes
  • Do not require Credit Card or Payment guarantees to your frequent guests
  • Make and track specific and limited special offers


Create and send personalized quotes for your potential guests and show the best solutions directly on your Booking Engine.

  • Generate Estimates for your guests
  • Stay in touch with them
  • Show your offer on your Booking Engine

Different boards

If you sell rooms under different board types (Only bed, Bed & Breakfast, Half Board, etc.) you can calculate the rates automatically and in a simple way

  • Sell the breakfast on your website
  • Increase your direct sales revenue
  • Make your offer more attractive and complete

And many other interesting features

Take advantage of innovative tools: customize your website and offer your customers an exceptional booking experience


For each occupation, a different price. If this is your pricing policy, you need a tool that allows you to do it easily and automatically

Extra or Discounts

To help your customers buying extra services or accessing special discounts, you can generate and manage on your Booking Engine

Payment Method

Choose whether to ask for a Credit Card as a guarantee or to receive a simple Reservation request to be accepted or not.


Choose whether to sell your rooms individually or your entire property on your site.

Direct Contact

Give to your potential guest the opportunity to contact you by writing directly from the Booking Engine interface.

Detailed Statistics

You will have access to any kind of data and statistic over the performance of your online Booking Engine. We track visits and conversions for you

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