Frequently Asked Questions

If you are interested in knowing more about us but you still have questions, have a look at the most frequest answers we give to those which shared doubts before you.

If you have an accommodation and you want to improve its management, then Wubook is the right company for you. We offer an All-in-One solution to streamline the daily tasks you face by managing online and offline reservations. From a small independent hotel to a group of apartments, from a urban Bed&Breakfast to a youth hostel, we serve thousands of property managers like you.
We build our software to make your life easier and with the goal to produce intuitive interfaces. It will take few steps to be online up and running and you will be proud of how fast things will be done! The most of our customers are live in less than 24 hours!
Yes! We believe that human support is the most important aspect of the business and our team is prepared and dedicate efforts to serve you better and better. Our rates include support and online help during all the collaboration with us.
Our support team is available through emails, chat and even phone calls (you can book a call on the phone of skype if you prefer). But we like not to make our phone numbers public to avoid the misservice of not being picked up when you most need it. Emergencies are threaten with the deserved urgency to deal and solve the issue from the root of the problem. We give priority to the most urgent requests following our parameters of urgency, but ALL the requests are answered within few hours from its opening time.
No trouble. We do not want customers, we want happy customers! And that's why we have no limits or costraint parameters on our collaboration in terms of time. You leave whenever you want to leave. We hope it will never happen, of course, but in such case we would only like to know the reason why (to have a chance to improve).
An overbooking is not always a bad experience but it could be a pain for you in certain circumstances. In case of such an event we would investigate the reasons of the issue and explain you in details what happened. We would certainly help you in going ahead with the business and overcome this situation. With trust, transparency and mutual understanding.
Our servers are located in different countries and as we are global we are not depending in one unique node. We have more than 70 servers which ensure and guarantee a safe uptime for our service.
We respect and follow the European Law for data management. Moreover we constantly certify our security through external and certified company to guarantee security and safety. On the footer of this website you will find the specification both for PII data regulation and the PCI-DSS certification.
You are not forced to use all our services and can be user of part of them. We have customers using only the channel manager or booking engine but most of them prefer to use the All-in-One solution that provide you with seamless integrations being able to control everything from the Property Manager System.
Definitely not! Our softwares are cloud and you just need credentials (user and password) to login and work. You also need an internet connection both by using WuBook on a laptop or through the Mobile APP.
We do not provide websites to our customers and we do not develop any site for hoteliers. Our tools, and particularly our Booking Engine, can be easily installed in every and each website page. So you can use a website that you build yourself (or through a website provider/webmaster) and install our reservation button! It will take 5 minutes to be online ready to receive reservations.
Yes of course!! You have a minimum of 15 days FREE TRIAL in which you can configure, try and use our services. Also, you can ask for a help and training to set it up. We want you to enjoy the maximum of our tools and discover if WuBook fits with your needs. Usually we charge, after the 15-day Free period, an activation cost of 120€ as compensation for the training, the support and, more generally, to cover opening expenses. In any case if you think you apply to waive off the cost, let us know.
We offer services to all type of Property Manager that needs to improve its workflow and process in short-stay hospitality.
No, we develop solutions for the hospitality business. We are not closed to partnerships for other segments but want to keep our focus on our core business.
Yes! You are welcome to sell our services to your customers. Check out the partner section of this website to understand the options we offer and choose the most appropriated to your needs.

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