Hostal Sevilla Santa Justa

Galeotta was Seville, which realised the dream of a young couple to open an accommodation facility by overcoming a thousand vicissitudes. And with WuBook, the staff of Hostal Santa Justa complete the project.

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The results

  • +20% of direct bookings
  • +10% increased bookings

The story

Starting a hospitality business in the centre of an art city like Seville is not easy for anyone, but here we are in 1999 and for a young couple it was even less so. In fact, back then the hospitality sector was not like it is today. The stereotype of the hotelier had not yet been shaken by the policies of contemporary OTAs and categorical distinctions were very strict. Banks did not bet much on young people, so obtaining financing to open a tourism business was very complicated. But luck is not blind. And it sees talent from afar. In the case of our young protagonists, it appeared through the confidence of the old owner of the building that currently houses the hostal Santa Justa but which was a historic, old-style building in its day. He certainly saw creativity and determination in the looks on the two boys' faces! Once work had been planned in 2008 a new setback: the adjacent building was put up for sale and while waiting for it to become vacant the owners overcame the 2008 real estate crisis and They finally managed to carry out a complete renovation, transforming the small Pension into the present Hostal Sevilla Santa Justa. Thus, after twenty years of tenacity, a small pearl in the historic centre of the Andalusian Queen, Seville, was born.

The challenge

As we all know, markets change and competition increases progressively. The Hostal Santa Justa staff initially used tools that were not particularly technological (teléfono, walkers and word of mouth). Insufficient tools if one wanted to position oneself securely in a market with so much on offer as the Andalusian tourist market. So they started looking around and discovered from fellow hoteliers the possibility of optimising the flow of bookings via the Internet and management technology systems. The owners immediately realised the scope of this technological revolution. With online bookings they would definitely increase revenue. So they started using OTAs and there was a time when they were present on 7 portals at the same time! The risk of overbooking was a constant threat, not to mention the incredible waste of time.

"There came a time when we were in seven portals at once, it was crazy, an incredible waste of time and we had to avoid overbooking..."

The solutions

After experimenting with different PMSs that did not suit their business, the owners of Hostal Sevilla Santa Justa came across WuBook. Initially chosen for the high-performance Channel Manager, they gradually upgraded the platform until they switched to Zak, WuBook's all-in-one that allowed them to manage electronic invoicing, direct bookings from the accommodation website, all from a single interface. With Wubook's Zak, even the entire management of communications to institutions - such as the Accommodation Portal and tourist tax - became a distant memory. Thanks to the WuBook platform, in addition to being connected with OTAs, they are also connected with metasearch such as Google, which has enabled them to achieve an excellent online ranking. In fact, since they activated the connection, they have increased direct bookings by 10%, which had already increased by 20% with Zak Booking Engine, WuBook's booking engine. The staff of Hostal Sevilla Santa Justa confirmed to us that WuBook helped them to work more professionally and to better structure their business.

"Within a year, with the new booking engine, the percentage of direct bookings that used to fluctuate between 5-8% has increased to 25-30% of total bookings and we expect it to continue to increase."

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