Hotel and Small Chains

Running a hotel business is not easy

but you are not alone. We want to help you focus on what you like most: offer your guests an outstanding experience

Property Management Software

Manage, control and organize ALL the tasks you need to face the fast-changing environment of Hospitality Business

Online Booking Engine

Increase your direct sales and boost your revenue through a system that streamline the reservation process

Channel Manager

Easy distribute your inventory on the most famous and important OTAs to get as much visibility as possible

A bunch of features tailored to your specific needs

We have created a powerful software based on the feedback we got during the last 10 years of development

Geolocalized Special Offers

Being the most attractive accommodation is not easy in a highly competitive environment. That's why we developed special features to raise your direct sales (included OTAs that sell your hotel). This feature enables you to create a special offer that targets only specific markets, allowing you to be more competitive in specific geographic areas. In this way, you can reinforce the loyalty of particular guests that will find your proposal much more attractive.

  • Targeted
  • Disruptive
  • Competitive

Manage discountinuos stays

We know that filling empty rooms is essential to optimize your revenue strategy. That's why we created a tool that automatically re-allocate reservations on the best available unit. Stop doing reallocation manually and forget empty spaces in your planner. Zak PMS will take care of it and will find the best solution. No need to move customers, changing rooms and wasting resources. Our software does it for you.

  • Optimizing availability
  • Automatic allocation
  • Time saver

Outstanding Support

Power is nothing without control! For this simple (but important) reason we have a team of proactive Account Managers ready to support you and assist you anytime. Our experts will drive you through the most suitable configuration and they will suggest you the most suitable practices to perform better with our services.

  • 24/7
  • Helpful
  • Dedicated


Our core business is serving you at the best with our software and if we can do it with internal development, that's fine. But we also have partners that complete our offer with their tools and skills. That's how we keep on building an ecosystem that offers a 360 service for future-oriented hoteliers. We integrate many services like Key-lockers, Revenue management Software, express Check-in tools, etc.

  • Integrated
  • Open API available
  • Collaborative

Overbooking? An opportunity, not a problem

Overbooking is not a problem if you have the right tool to analyze and manage reservations that generate additional value. Instead of considering it a problem WuBook helps you to get more benefits by every and each reservation that you receive. Inspired by the way that some flight company treats overbooking we have developed a tool to easily understand what are the best practices when facing situations like this.

  • Artificial Intelligence
  • Revenue-Oriented
  • Easy and Automatic

Reliable and safe

WuBook is written in modern programming language and we are taking care of all those parts of the business you do not have to think about. Servers, PCI compliance, hostings, PSD2 are all words that you will forget. We are dealing with them day after day, to make you focus on what really matters: offering an outstanding welcome to your guests.

  • Safe
  • Trusted
  • Protected

Neverending innovation

As a Saas company, we are constantly renewing our offer to respond to market needs. We have created a software ecosystem that leads the market with new features, new integrations, new developments, and many more ideas to improve the performances of our partners.

  • Innovative
  • Cloud
  • Competitive

Recognized Brand

Being preferred partners of the most important players in the market (Booking, Expedia, Google, Airbnb) allows us to profit from special offers and actions that they make periodically to improve their services. Thanks to the important and reliable relationship that we have built with them over the years, we took part in many promotional offers that have benefited users of our software. We constantly work with them to make your experience and workflow the best possible.

  • Google
  • Expedia

They already know WuBook

Few opiniones on our service

Some of our Features

A quick list of the main features we built to offer you an outstanding product

Electronic Invoices

You can generate and send electronic invoices in order to accomplish with local regulations


Our software produces precise and clear reports on the main KPIs to better understand the trends of your business

Special Offer

Geo localized Special Offer to create a tailored offer to all and each of your guests through your direct sales channels

ID Card Scan

Easily scan the ID card of your guest and import data into the PMS with your mobile phone.

Mobile APP

Manage and control the whole business through a mobile APP. Our intuitive application allows you to take action from everywhere at anytime

Overbooking Management

A dedicated tool to manage Overbooking situation and convert them in an advantage for your revenue

One Screen for all

All in One screen to manage the day-to-day tasks of a hotel business. Easy, simple and intuitive

Outstanding Support

Our Account Managers are proactive, prepared and keen to give your experience with us as frictionless as possible

Integrated OTAs

Your Online Point of Sales at your fingertips. Availability, prices, restrictions and generated reservations: automatically managed

Seamless migration

if you are using another PMS and you are scared by loosing data, don't! We will support you for a seamless migration


We work with the most relevant players of the market and you can benefit from third parties integration (key-lockers, check in APP, etc.)

Rate Comparison

Maintain your direct competitors monitored and under control to have an idea on how price and availability market trends are.