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We trust on collaboration and technical integration among the Hospitality Market

Online Travel Agencies (OTAs)

If you represent an Online Travel Agency and you want to get up to date product to sell online

Tour Operator, WholeSalers, GDS

If you represent a tour operator and you want to connect in XML to the properties that use WuBook


If your website is a metasearch where visitor can compare the offer on different platforms for the same accommodation

In a connected world, integrations are key

Seamless integrations within many software that solve different problems is a clear advantage

Online Travel Agencies

We have a long term relationship and high integration with the most important OTAs in the market such as, Expedia, Agoda, HRS and many others. Our integration is in XML through the linking of their official APIs. Whenever possible we connect every single function that OTAs allow us to connect. Now, standard integrations allow you to download bookings, send and update in real time prices, availability and restrictions such as minimum stays, closures and so on. Do you have an API we can work with?

  • OTAs
  • 2-way XML connectivity
  • Vast experience and reliable team


In recent years a new business model has established itself on the market. Metasearch such as Google Hotel, Trivago, and TripAdvisor have become leaders in this sector, but we are open to sharing our inventory with other trusted partners. Our accommodation owners are willing to receive new bookings from all over the world and from any new trusted partner that can generate value.

  • Innovative
  • XML connectivity
  • Competitive

Revenue Manager Softwares

Our system accepts external updates made by specific partnership software that can optimize values of prices and restrictions to perform better in the market. Hotels and accommodations, in general, like to improve their distribution policies with supported partners like Revenue Manager Software. We have a dedicated API to allow you to control our Channel Manager and Booking Engine as well as having data from the PMS.

  • Dynamic
  • Open API
  • Help and support

Ancillary services

Our doors are open to anyone who wants to integrate our core business. We have partners who use our API to generate the electronic key automatically and send it to guests to access the accommodation. Or manage check-in/check-out processes by scanning guest ID cards. Besides, we already have a connected external invoicing system that meets local criteria in each country we work with.

  • Seamless
  • Integrated
  • Complete

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