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Zak, the hotel management system

Effective, simple, safe and ready to use on any device. The holy Bible of every hospitality provider

All In One place

Manage your accommodation from one unique and modern control panel

Cloud? of course..

Zak is ready for every device, your PC, your Smartphone and Tablet. And yes, always accessible from everywhere


Our PMS is build with the last and modern technology, respecting the most demanding parameters of the market

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Make your Zak PMS tailored on your needs

Find here below the packages that adapt the most to what you are looking for


The main functionalities of the Zak PMS are just Free. It includes basic, still important functionalities: unlimited number of rooms and rates.


More features and tools to better manage your rooms, including the Templating and Messaging System, Broom Paper, City tax, etc.


Local Police and Government reporting tools, to automatize the process of collecting personal information of your guest safely


All the Fiscal documents, payments management, invoicing requirements you may need to accomplish with your local Accounting model

Online Reception

A modern, effective still simple booking engine to be installed on your site and convert visitors into guests

Channel Manager

Automatically manage your OTAs with the Zak Channel Manager, to distribute inventory and manage reservations

Mini Site

Create a website for your property in a few minutes: responsive, customizable and with integrated Booking Engine for direct reservation

Kylix restaurant

Enrich your PMS with restaurant management. Free digital menu, order management, restaurant booking form for your own customers and for external ones.

Zak Yield Management (ZYM)

An indispensable tool to increase your hotel revenue. Set your own rules, such as early bird, last minute etc. and let the software do the work.

Easy, simple but very effective

A cloud-based system to manage your accommodation so easy as the remote control of your TV

The necessary

It seems pretty obvious, but our PMS offers you the opportunity to do all your daily tasks. And it allows you to do it in the cloud. Through a PC, a phone or a tablet, you can easily:

  • Make check-ins
  • Allocate reservations in certain units
  • Drag and drop room swaps
  • Manage your customer archive

The most important

With our tool, you will be able to increase your business revenue because you will have data and time to analyze and improve your strategy every day.

  • Statistics to analyze the business trends
  • Reports to manage the cleaning tasks of your accommodation
  • Management feature for accomplish with your city tax requirements
  • Multi-user access to specific departments of your staff

To comply with your government rules

Every country and every region have its own rules and you need to focus on welcoming your guests first. So, stay relax and leave to us the management of this boring but necessary part. We developed all the legal requirements to align with local requirements:

  • Guest ID card report to the local police
  • Statistic on tourist's migration flows
  • Report on guest nationalities and provenience
  • City tax management duties

To build invoices and receipts

In addition to local government requirements, we also issue receipts and invoices as required by your state. For example, in Italy and many other countries you must issue electronic invoices and send them to institutional departments.

  • Electronic Invoices and fiscal documents
  • VAT monthly reports
  • Local receipts
  • Payment method, type and amounts registrations

To stay sync with online sales

Selling means increasing your business. Maintaining your online sales results can be complicated. With centralized and seamless distribution in Online Travel Agencies and Booking Engines, you can easily control and improve your revenue right away.

  • Always connected to OTAs
  • Centralized
  • Sinc with Booking Engine

To keep contact with your guests

A centralized and customizable tool to manage all the communications with your guests. Forget to access external tools or OTAs extranet to request more information or give additional explanations to your guests. Do it from our Property Management System effortless.

  • Automatic Messages
  • Check-in Online
  • Feedback after stay

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Some features we include on the PMS

Request a full explanation to our representatives in order to understand if our offer matches your requirements

Safe Servers

With our PMS your business is protected and functionality is guaranteed by our proficiency and technological infrastructure.

Free Upgrades

We offer a state-of-the-art technology in continuous development. Endless innovation is key to stay up on the market.

Premium Support

Support is included. Our Customer Service department is available every day of the week to ensure everything runs smoothly.

Security and access levels

Data security is a key issue. We guarantee it with the best technology on the market. Our environment is safe and reliable.

Credit cards as guarantee

Your reservations are usually guaranteed by credit cards or bank transfers. We help you store and manage them


Cleaning task management, PII obligations, Reports, Statistics and many other specific plugins to afford daily challenges.


An overbooking and discontinuous stay tool we develop only for those of you that like innovation. Discover them!


Manage your point of Sales directly all in one screen. A Channel Manager and Booking Engine automatically up to date.

Custom Planner

You Online Agenda is customizable to adapt to your needs. Colors, shapes and other layout details are important for us too.


RevPar, ADR, Occupancy rate and many other relevant KPIs are easily produced and downloaded on our software.

Client and Reservation Data Base

The archive of your guests is something very precious, like gold! Always accessible and downloadable. You are the owner!

Invoices and accounting

Create invoices, receipts, electronic invoices and all the necessary fiscal documents. Fast and easy.

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