Vacation Rentals

Becoming an expert has never been so easy

If you recently decided to rent your apartments for short stays you are certainly facing a lot of challenges, from managing check-ins to organize cleaning services, from selling online in Booking and Airbnb, to charge the guests in an easy and secure way.

Start selling your accommodation effortless

Upload information on WuBook and immediately start to sell

Property Management System

Your apartments and properties managed from a single page. Here you can display all the information you need.

Distribution Online

WuBook Channel Manager will take care of selling your accommodation on Airbnb, Booking and Homeaway. Automatically

Guest Communication

All your communications with your guest before and during the stay, centralized! Talk, charge and welcome them with WuBook

Automatize all your tasks

and relax by watching WuBook doing it for you


Distribute your apartments on all the major OTAs. Simple connect with your best partner and enjoy their powerful distribution channel. Our integrated channel manager will do everything for you, publishing and managing you lists in:

  • Airbnb
  • Homeaway
  • Expedia

Process Payments

Forget to charge your guests manually or request them bank transfers with time-consuming actions. WuBook allows you to charge them automatically, through a payment gateway.

  • Automatic charges
  • Payment Gateways worldwide
  • connected invoicing system
  • Payment reports

MultiProperty Management

Having accommodations spread around the city or the entire country means to manage different places and different needs. Control every property with dedicated reports and welcome your guests with customized messages.

  • Planner with Tags to manage multiple properties
  • Multi property reports
  • Booking engine for multiple properties
  • Unit-custom messages

Online Checkin and Mobile Scan

Send your guests an Online form to get their data in advance and speed up the check-in process. Or use our Scan to upload data from your camera to our system effortless

  • Online Check-in form
  • ID document SCAN
  • Custom Registration Card
  • Customer archive

Easy and simple interface

Working on a task should not be complicated. With our PMS you can easily and intuitively get familiar with availability, prices, restrictions, and reservations. Organizing cleaning activities or the daily check-in process is fast and easy!

  • Easy
  • Simple
  • Competitive

Unique communication tool

Talking to your guests is essential from the beginning, at the time of booking. Help them to reach your property easily, ask them to fill in the registration form with their data in advance, or clearly describe them your conditions of stay. Stop using hundreds of communication tools for different OTAs.

  • Centralized communications
  • Connected
  • Integrated with OTAs

They already did it

and this is what they think!

Some of our Features

A quick list of the main features we built to offer you an outstanding product

Integrated OTAs

Your Online Point of Sales at your fingertips. Availability, prices, restrictions and generated reservations: automatically managed

ID Card Scan

Easily scan the ID card of your guest and import data into the PMS with your mobile phone.

Payment Gateways

Charging automatically the not refundable reservations of your guests is very easy when you have amount, Credit Card and owner data

Centralized Messaging

Communicate with your guests from a unique User Interface, automatically. Before, during and post-stay

Mobile APP

Manage and control the whole business through a mobile APP. Our intuitive application allows you to take action from everywhere at anytime

Outstanding Support

Our Account Managers are proactive, prepared and keen to give your experience with us as frictionless as possible


We work with the most relevant players of the market and you can benefit from third parties integration (key-lockers, check in APP, etc.)