Our Plugins

Use our technology to make your daily work simple

Make your job easier

Build up a tailor-made service.

WuBook offers you some additional feature to customize the service and adapt it to specific needs. For this reason you have them as Plugins available in your account.Some are for free and some others have activation costs or monthly costs


All of them are naturally integrated to our systems and you can activate them with a simple click!

Tailored to your needs

You will be able to customize your WuBook account and activate as many Plugins as you need for your daily management.

Save time

You will save time in a daily basis, triggering automatic actions that will make your job.
You will increase visibility and will improve your management exploiting all the power of our technologies.


For free or additional cost

Rooms calendar
to sync your availability with some of your OTAs through iCal.
Sms + fax
to receive SMS/fax reservations notifications .
TripAdvisor Review Express
to push customers to leave a feedback on your TripAdvisor profile .
to be connected to Atraveo .
Au Revoir
to send automatic emails to your customers .
Sold Out
to be notified when your online stock is low or unavailable .
Yandex Metrika
to track visits on your Booking Engine through Yandex .
allows you to take part of OTAs that use WuBook systems .
allows third parties softwares to insert reservations into WuBook .
Google Analytics
to read statistics of your Booking Engine on your Google Analytics account .
WuBook Yield Manager
to change prices when the availability changes automatically with few simple Yield rules .
to send reservation notifications to your Libra PMS .


For free or additional cost

Electronic Invoice
Zak allows you to generate, send and receive Electronic Invoices both automatically (sending the XML to Italian SDI) or manually (only generating the XML). You will be able to fullfill all the requirements to legally send (active cycle) and receive (passive cycle) the electronic documents requested for the management of your hotel, hostel or B&B .
Through this plugin you can send your guests personal info to italian ISTAT with the correct format of your Region/Province .
State policy portal
You can send your guests personal information to the Italian Police. Just add this plugin and by filling the guest fields data a report will be sent to the Police Alloggiati .
Manage and charge for the meals you serve in your accommodation in an easy and powerful way. This plugin is very useful if your property has also a restaurant service to offer breakfast, half or full board with different rates .
Broom Paper
This plugin will help you to organize the cleaning service of your accommodation. Based on the frequency you make cleanings to your rooms and the reservations you have in house or to come, it will list the tasks your staf has to accomplish with everyday. Just print the daily sheet and give it to them .
Keep track of all the extras you sell and serve to your guests (trasportation, newspapers, byke rentals, laundry, etc.) with this plugin that allows you to add them to a reservation, charge for it and add it to the invoices you build. .
City tax
If your city or region requests an additional cost or tax to your guest and you have to charge it, then with this plugin the calculation of the amount will be automatic. City Tax plugin is also helpful in order to make reports whenever you need, send them to the correct government and accomplish with local was and requirements .
Spanish Police
Sync the data of your guests to the local police in Spain respecting the local format requested
This plugin is used to send the data requested by SIRE to inform
the Colombian Government about travellers movements


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