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A Cloud PMS for a complete hotel management

Management tool for Hotels, Bed and Breakfast, Hostels, Apartments and Guesthouses.

Any kind of property can benefit from its potential. ZaK is cloudbased, with a simple and intuitive design it allows you to manage the daily tasks of your property, such as check-in, charges, invoices and many more .


Modern and intuitive design to let you administrate your Hotel in a fast and secure way.


ZaK provides you with the most crucial features you need to manage your Hotel Property.


With our PMS you can work from everywhere at any time: no installation needed, just connect your device to internet and start using it.

Always connected

Our Property Management System syncs with Booking Engine and Channel Manager seamlessly. You will manage your inventory directly from your ZaK.

Properties using ZaK worldwide: 2.6K


Fast and Reliable

With our Software Management , your business is protected; functionality is guaranteed by our proficiency and technological infrastructure. Our servers are continuously updated and maintained by professional engineers every day.

Continuous Development

With WuBook´s philosophy in mind, Zak is a state of the art technology in continuous development. Transparency and constant communication with our clients allow us to adapt Zak specifically to meet your needs. The News allow us to keep you informed in real time of any update and The Forum keeps us all, customers and developers alike, in direct contact.

Premium Support

Premium Support is included. Our Customer Service department is available every day of the week to ensure everything runs smoothly.

Security and access levels

ZaK guarantees the security of data: the data of your customers are safe and secure on our servers. Your staff can access their work environment through custom logins and with permission restrictions. You will always be able to monitor their activities and control the use of the software.

Credit cards as guarantee

You can send direct clients a safe link to update their credit card details as guarantee of the reservation. Under Our Property Management System you can Manage credit cards in a safely environnment. We care about security and all Services are PCI-DSS validated!


ZaK: The Property Management System is already a complete Hotel management Solution. However, you could add plug-ins to further customize and build Zak according to your specific needs. The Plug-ins available so far are: Alloggiati (Daily Clients Report -Italian Market only), House Keeping, and Extra, Meals. Each Plug-in has a one-time only activation cost.

Already integrated

You will link Our PMS to all WuBook services, to completely manage your Hotel: customers, rooms, reservation, availability, prices, OTA's, Meta Providers, All in a easy and fast way.


Management solution naturally integrated into the WuBook Suite, including the Booking Engine (WuBook) and the Channel Manager (WooDoo). Integrating all three creates an automatic system able to: receive online reservations (whether from you own website or from OTAs), update availability accordingly and manage your reservations as needed. This integration can be easily set up from the Zak planner.

Custom Planning

The Planning on ZaK automatically displays all the reservations with prices, source, notes and details. You can easily check availability and trends of occupancy of your accommodation to better improve performance and work on your marketing strategies.


ZaK allows you to generate statistics and data. You can monitor the most important KPIs to keep trends under control. Occupancy %, RevPar, Gross Revenue and many other parameters are easily accessible from ZaK.

Client and Reservation Data Base

ZaK creates a complete registration form of each client for future referral, which can be exported to Excel and used for marketing purposes or personalized messages. If someone who has stayed with you before comes back, Zak will also track his registration form from the database. Each registered client can thus be merged to all their respective reservations.

Invoices and accounting

With ZaK you can build invoices, print or send them to your guests in few simple clicks. Your accountant will be able to access all the documentation easily.

Rooms Management

ZaK will allow you to manage all your reservations from the very first moment. You will be able to edit guests, send them emails and communicate with them. Each room unit will be customized to your needs.

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Electronic Invoice
Zak allows you to generate, send and receive Electronic Invoices both automatically (sending the XML to Italian SDI) or manually (only generating the XML). You will be able to fullfill all the requirements to legally send (active cycle) and receive (passive cycle) the electronic documents requested for the management of your hotel, hostel or B&B .
Through this plugin you can send your guests personal info to italian ISTAT with the correct format of your Region/Province .
State policy portal
You can send your guests personal information to the Italian Police. Just add this plugin and by filling the guest fields data a report will be sent to the Police Alloggiati .
Manage and charge for the meals you serve in your accommodation in an easy and powerful way. This plugin is very useful if your property has also a restaurant service to offer breakfast, half or full board with different rates .
Broom Paper
This plugin will help you to organize the cleaning service of your accommodation. Based on the frequency you make cleanings to your rooms and the reservations you have in house or to come, it will list the tasks your staf has to accomplish with everyday. Just print the daily sheet and give it to them .
Keep track of all the extras you sell and serve to your guests (trasportation, newspapers, byke rentals, laundry, etc.) with this plugin that allows you to add them to a reservation, charge for it and add it to the invoices you build. .
City tax
If your city or region requests an additional cost or tax to your guest and you have to charge it, then with this plugin the calculation of the amount will be automatic. City Tax plugin is also helpful in order to make reports whenever you need, send them to the correct government and accomplish with local was and requirements .
Spanish Police
Sync the data of your guests to the local police in Spain respecting the local format requested
This plugin is used to send the data requested by SIRE to inform
the Colombian Government about travellers movements
Affordable prices
Monthly rate: 22 € (24US$)

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