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Online Booking, Channel Manager, Property Management System.

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Channel Manager, Booking online and property management system

Your rooms online: direct booking and Online Travel Agencies updated automatically. Effortless!

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Even the smallest properties deserve a state of the art technology.

Partners, property management systems and hotels

Dealership using your logo or WuBook Agent: everybody is welcome to be part of our winning team!

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OTAs are updated in one minute. 63+ servers are working for you!

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Helpline queries answered by reliable, experienced professionals. Each and every day.

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User friendly, stable, ready for use systems. Because we care

Property management system

Zak is a simple and modern Property Management System directly connected to WuBook

Channel manager api and online booking functions

Connecting WuBook is easy: a fast XML interface allows you to embed our services into yours

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We love to keep in touch with everybody in our community: please visit Wong Blog and WuBook Kitchen