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Our philosophy, our contracts

  • No Constraints: WuBook is your service. Our challenge is to be successful due to our professional merits. Satisfaction is guaranteed. If you are not satisfied, you just stop using WuBook; renewal is not automatic, and there is no minimum contractual period.
  • Our goal, no false promises: Our mission is to provide an honest and useful service. We are continuously updating our service in order to provide our clients with absolute state of the art technology. As Technology Providers, we do our best to keep all bugs out, but even if those pesky little critters get in, they are removed in a timely fashion.

WuBook Srl

Via Nolfi n.56
61032, Fano, Italy
VAT number: 02340220413
Chamber of Commerce: PS-173884

You can find our agreements listed below. However, make sure to Access WuBook to retrieve the latest versions of our agreements (which are displayed before the activation of our services).


The website contents, with the exception of some images which are in the public domain, can only be used with the legal consent of the creator and publishers; sections of the software which are expressly published under GPL, BSD or Creative Commons licences, must be considered as intellectual property of WuBook Srl.

If not otherwise specified, it is forbidden to reproduce and/or copy in any way and on any media the site contents and/or services offered by WuBook Srl.

Wu, the logo of WuBook Srl, is legally registered and licensed by Creative Commons. Wu is used to give visibility to WuBook Srl: use and/or reproduction is allowed only if the following conditions are respected:

Attribution. Paternity of this work has been given to WuBook Srl. If the WuBook Logo is used on the web, a link to the http://wubook.net: is required: by clicking on the image the visitor will be directed to this site. The paternity of the logo must be shown on the same page of the image and must be located next to it with the same visibility.

No Commercial The WuBook logo cannot be used for commercial purposes; WuBook Srl has exclusive rights.

No Derivative Work The Wubook logo can neither be changed nor modified nor used to create a new logo.

Any illegal reproduction of any of the contents herein will be persecuted.

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  • Created: 01/06/2008
  • Registered: 01/06/2008
  • Published: 01/06/2008

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