Jobs on tourism software environment

Jobs on tourism software environment

Is your application appropriated? Well, we have no generic response. We really appreciate people investing on our project and loving it. We always avoid to have weak collaborations: we love to develop deep and reciprocally convenient relationships.

Consider the idea to send us your CV. You can send it at

Interesting roles

  • Country managers: entering new markets representing WuBook
  • Python developers: we continously reserch coders and hackers
  • Partners: check also partnerships opportunities


Wubook has an underlying hacking style. We use very modern technologies, developing our innovation on linux systems. If you want to work with us, the following skills are not a must, but absolutely appreciated

  • developers, hacker profile Hacking Style
    This means you're able to patch, understand and fully manage machines and codes.
  • javascript and python programmer Python, JS
    Do You know Python and Javascript? Which projects did you develop with these languages?
  • irc and high mail trafficCommunications Skills
    We expect an high communication skills. You must manage high email traffic and IRC communications
  • linux developerLinux
    Do You know Linux? Are You able to manage a Linux Distro, installing and managing it autonomously?
    Which distros do You know?