Online booking software

Your online Reception desk

Internet plays an extremely important role in the tourism sector. Providing an online reception desk directly on your site is as easy as publishing your phone number and email address.

Customers want to analyze your prices and special offers before contacting you. Presenting your rooms and services in a clear-cut manner will target your customers and capture them, thereby turning loose contacts into potential customers.

WuBook will dramatically increase your direct sales through any kind of device as it allows customers to make easy, reliable and fast reservations.

WuBook is very powerful, flexible and highly effective. It gives its visitors a user-friendly interface fully optimized even for mobile devices to make online reservation easy and quickly. Our super contact information calculator "Bookland" tracks each request. This incredible tool will let you know when and where the contact was made; it will even compute the percentage of contacts converted into actual reservations. And, thanks to this calculator, our clients bookings are much higher than average!

  • Direct reservations are simply better!!

WuBook lets you to define Special Offers, Discount Codes and more! We have Wym (Yield Manager). It works like a charm. And Bids! is a revolutionary feature to open negotiations and avoid parity rate limitation!

  • Choose your marketing strategies!

WuBook provides a very comfortable experience for your customer. It's 100% secure and insured. In addition to the ease of inputting credit card details, you can also offer deferred reservations, prepaid ones and quotations.

  • It's Fast and Clean

WuBook is directly connected to your Online Travel Agencies (OTAs). As soon as a direct reservation is confirmed, your room/services availability is updated in real time wherever you are listed! This system respects web standards, and installation is truly user friendly.

  • Easily installed, quickly enjoyed!