Your Online Agencies

OTAs are opposed by many players who work in the hotel industry. Many sites are offering excellent services to travellers and they are taken as reference points to select the most interesting offers.

One example is TripAdvisor. Most travellers begin their research on this popular portal dedicated to feedback.

Many sites have started to implement commercials models to allow you to sell your rooms binding the Wubook Booking Engine to their sites.

Fount can be used to take advantage of the visibility that these sites offer to you, bringing the interest of travelers on your booking engine.

Fount partners

Google hotel price ads, google hotel finder

Google Hotel Price Ads (Google Hotel Finder)

Wubook has a great partnership with Google which yields outstanding results. When a customer starts searching for accommodation in your area, Google suggests booking through the WuBook online reception. The promotion takes place on the search results of Google (SERP pages), Google Maps, Google Plus and Google Sites following the “Pay per Click” commercial model.
TripAdvisor, TripConnect

TripAdvisor, TripConnect e Review Express

TripAdvisor also suggests WuBook online reception to its web surfer. TripAdvisor has a very good visibility and generally manage to create a lot of web traffic. Like Google Hotel Finder, TripAdvisor follows the “Pay per Click” commercial model.


Trivago has a very good ranking in Europe, America and Canada market. It applies a Pay per Click commercial model and suggests the WuBook Online Reception to its visitor to book your rooms directly.


Even the russian giant search engine Yandex, in a Google similar technology, it's able to intercept accommodations research, proposing the WuBook Online Reception to make online reservations. The Yandex service is really recent and currently limited to Russian hotels.

Each Fount Site has a specific business profile. However, they all share same pattern: fair and very competitive pricing system.

  • Best Price!

We are working very hard for integrating all third-party website that allow the sale of your rooms. You can select the sites that you like the most.

  • Dynamic and evolving

Wubook can detect all informations about origin of reservations. We can provide to you precise details about each Fount Site (impression numbers, conversion percentage, costs).

  • Full Control

The Wubook Online Reception (booking engine) effectiveness is reflected on the Fount Site. Potential customers who open the booking by Fount Sites will use high level technologies.

  • Revenue