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Software to manage rooms and rates easily.

Integrated property management system (PMS), channel manager and booking engine for hotels, B&Bs, hostels, holiday homes and flats.

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Property management system, channel manager and booking engine.

WuBook software is aimed at both accommodation facilities and technical partners and is designed to suit customer needs. The WuBook suite allows to manage all types of accommodation, both from desktop and smartphone, in a single all-in-one and cloud-based platform. You will find a world of integrations and automations to save time quickly and easily.

The basic management software is free and without obligation, as well as assistance. The high degree of automation and customization helps you create the management space you want, paying for additional services only when and if you need them. And making WuBook the ideal partner for building and increasing your bookings.

Zak by WuBook

Property management software for accommodation owners.

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With Zak by WuBook, you choose a highly automated platform that includes Property Management System, Channel Manager to manage OTA and Metasearch, Booking Engine, restaurant management, and hotel website creation.
Whether you manage a flat, B&B, hotel or holiday home, you will find a range of fully customizable features and a flexible pricing model to manage your business effectively and intuitively. You can interact with us via a dedicated forum or with our support team, available for free 7 days a week (by email, chat, phone).

Our PMS and channel manager are concrete and secure technologies, backed by PCI DSS compliance.
WooDoo by WuBook

Integrations for technology partners

Do you have a PMS or revenue software and are looking for integrations?

WooDoo allows you to connect and integrate our Channel Manager and Booking Engine with your system via our API. Once you have developed the integration, you can choose which services to activate and manage them on a monthly basis, without any constraints.
More than 500 partners already integrated our softwares to enrich their systems.

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Over 22,000 establishments worldwide already use WuBook property management software, booking engine and channel manager.
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Open an account and start using the free hotel management with online check in, planner and more, support included. Why do we do this? Because as you grow, so does our community.
premium support

Premium support

In addition to individual training to configure your ideal platform, the support team is available daily via e-mail, chat and telephone with average response time of 1 hour.
Tailor-made subscription

Tailor-made subscription

Zak PMS all in one is divided into feature packages, which you can choose and change at any time wherever you are. You have endless customizations to manage directly from your dashboard with just a few clicks. It is really simple and reliable!

Functionality for all types of accommodation


With our hotel management software you can manage bookings, rooms, rates, housekeeping, documents and much more, all from a single interface.

  • Communication planner with your guests
  • Custom reservation and customer tags
  • Advanced statistics to monitor your business
  • Cleaning and housekeeping calendar
  • Management of City tax
  • Meals, extras and additional services report
  • Fiscal and non-fiscal documents
  • Management of online payments to guarantee reservations
  • Exportable customers archive
Channel manager Zak by WuBook
Channel Manager

The channel manager automatically synchronizes availability, prices and restrictions of each room with OTAs and metasearch. Fully integrated with hotel management for a complete overview.

  • automatic prices derivation
  • availability and price management for each channel
  • control tool for checking the calendars alignment
  • premier partner, Airbnb and Google
  • easy availability management: close the sale with one click
  • automatic overbooking detection
  • integrated with Zak PMS and booking engine
  • 15+ years of experience
Booking engine Zak by WuBook
Booking Engine

Booking system where you can receive bookings directly from your hotel's website. It allows you to create customized offers and build customer loyalty.

  • all basic management functionalities included
  • free support included
  • customized quotes and emails
  • supported social network contacts
  • integrated with all platform features
  • modern and intuitive design
  • multi-rate management
  • mobile responsive
  • widgets for your website
  • high customization of images and contents
Hotel Website creator
Hotel website creator

Your hotel website, directly connected to the PMS, integrable with the booking engine, graphically customizable, multilingual and optimized for search engines (SEO).

  • customizable images and contents with different graphic templates
  • direct bookings from your customers
  • no hosting or development costs
  • natively connected with Zak PMS all-in-one
  • integrable with all platform tools
  • optimized for search engines (SEO)
  • compliant with the highest security standards
  • customizable with your own domain name
  • multilingual
Zak WuBook Yield Manager
Yield Manager

Set your own rules to automatically manage your room prices according to the bookings you receive. Increase your revenue.

  • create different rules for each product and each rate
  • possibility to choose how and where a rule should act
  • price management for early or last minute bookings
  • advanced rule customization (how much and for how long a rule should act)
  • automatic price management based on your sales speed
  • synchronization with calendars and planner
  • automatic restore of the original price when removing a rule
  • definition of the order in which the rules must act.
restaurant manager software wubook
Restaurant management

Management software for hotels with a restaurant, which allows you to associate tables with your property's rooms and also manage bookings from external customers.

  • creation of area-specific menus
  • possibility of charging meals to hotel reservations
  • table and meal assignment to hotel reservations according to boards
  • partial or group bills
  • web app for waiters' orders
  • take-away management
  • sending orders directly to the kitchen
  • allergen list creation
  • digital menu via QR code
  • own products sales management
Hotel Estimator

The estimator for accommodation facilities allows you to create an unlimited number of estimates that can be customized with predefined templates or with texts and images of your choice.

  • professional quotes with custom text and photos
  • multiple proposals within the same estimate
  • attentional and graphically attractive layouts
  • customer requests easily convertible into quotes
  • quotes sending via email or Whatsapp web
  • integration with Zak's or your own website
  • dashboard to monitor requests, messages and estimates directly in the PMS
  • possibility to create estimates even from the Planner

Property management software for independent hotels, hostels and small hotel chains

The perfect solution for independent hotels
If you manage a hotel or a group of hotels and want to know the essential functions to optimize the management of your business
Discover Zak for Hotels
Hotel reception

Management software for bed & breakfasts and farmhouses

The perfect solution for B&B
If you manage a B&B or a farmhouse and want to know the essential functions to optimize the management of your business
Discover Zak for B&B
Bed and Breakfast

Management software for vacation rental and apartments

The perfect solution for vacation rental
If you manage one or more vacation rentals or apartments here you can find the essential functions to optimize the management of your business
Discover Zak for vacation rental
vacation rental

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